Vision & Missions

Vision & Missions


Provide the best one-stop service for the Indonesian halal product assurance certification arrangement for the local and imported product.



  1. Ensure that the information and services provided is accessible and accommodate the client’s need.
  2. Provide a professional trainer and consultant in the Indonesian halal product assurance certification process and arrangement.
  3. Provide professional trainings for agency/company/institution’ staff in halal product assurance skills, such as auditor and halal meat slaughterer; for global participants.
  4. Provide virtual smart office for any international agency / company in aim to direct halal product assurance arrangement in Indonesia with a huge benefit.
  5. Provide professional consultant in halal product assurance arrangement.
  6. Provide a high-quality service in Indonesian halal product assurance arrangement.
  7. Partner with stakeholders (in-country and international) and other halal agency/institution to achieve the mutual goals.


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