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The Halal Center KOPITU (HCK) is a private institution built by the Indonesian United Committee of MSMEs Entrepreneurs (IUCME/KOPITU) based on the MoU of partnership between KOPITU and the Indonesian Halal Product Assurance Body (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia; in aim to develop and assist the Indonesian Halal Product Assurance arrangement for local and imported products.

The HCK is the first one-stop service of private institution in Indonesian halal product assurance that legally recognized by the BPJPH.

There are 3 scopes of works that provided by the HCK namely :

1) Halal certification and standardization,

2) Relation and cooperation

3) Project and business.

Meanwhile, the services that are provided by the HCK are,


2) Staff’s training, and

3) Smart virtual office.

The services will be provided in digital platform and conventional (on-shore).


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